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Horsham, PA, 2011
$ 24,975

A walk in shower is the best feature, we would say


Willow Grove, PA, 2015

A bathroom renovation for one of our relatives.

Fort Washington, PA, 2019

An absolutely amazing transformation of this gorgeous bathroom.


Horsham, PA, 2010

Most people are very impressed with the tub.

Hatboro, PA, 2021
$ 23,795

What great selections on homeowners behalf.

Doylestown, PA, 2020

An incredible bathroom redo.

Warrington, PA, 2019

What an incredible family we worked with at this project. An absolutely gorgeous transformation


Dresher, PA, 2020

We actually built this bathroom. It used to be a closet.

Warminster, PA, 2020

This was actually a pro bono project but ...if a customer were to pay for it, that would be the price.

Warrington, PA, 2019

We converted a family room into a bedroom & a handicapped accessible bathroom.

Glenside,PA, 2019

Gorgeous bathroom in Glenside, PA

Hatboro, PA, 2020

That year we did bathrooms for both this family & their parents.

Warrington, PA, 2020

We reinstalled a shower & spruced up the rest of it.

Huntingdon Valley, PA, 2020

This master bathroom doubled in size without changing the square footage. It the glass shower that makes all the difference in the world.

Abington, PA, 2020

This bathroom was a part of a much larger project where we renovated the whole first floor.