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August 31, 2021

4 Trendy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Try In 2021


You might not be alone in thinking that your neighbors seem to be doing a lot of DIY work around the house, and some might even be remodeling their kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. That’s because, according to CNN, home remodeling has been going way up this last year.

Ever since the pandemic, thousands of people are stuck working from home, spending days and months on end inside their beautiful homes. As a result, people are keen on remodeling different parts of their homes like never before.

If you’re one of those people, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here at Beaver Building & Remodeling, we provide a hassle-free way to inspire you to remodel your kitchens and upgrade your home. 

That’ll help you keep up with current trends and improve the way your kitchen looks and feels!

Some of the trendy remodeling ideas that we can help you with at Beaver Building & Remodeling are as follows.

1. Warm Color Palettes 

Finding the right colors for your kitchen can seem a bit complicated. Choosing from all the thousands of options out there can be a bit overwhelming. 

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you through the entire process.

The era of bland, grey tones is over. If you thought those dull colors ruined the mood, you’re not alone. And that’s why this year, it might be time for a change.

The current trend in kitchen remodeling is to go for a warmer color palette. These pastels accentuate the warmth of the sunlight and will brighten up the room. It also adds some color, making your kitchen homely.

Warm color palettes include orange, red, yellow, or a combination of these colors.

If you’re concerned about the cost of getting new cabinets or repainting old ones, just give us a call, and we’ll help you out with a free consultation and any other questions you have!

2. Natural/Organic Style Kitchens

You heard it here first, folks. It’s time to ditch drab kitchen interiors.

The dull colors make a kitchen look uninviting.

Looks like these have no place in a modern kitchen, and the National Kitchen and Bath association agrees!

Now’s the time for natural and organic-looking kitchens.

In your kitchen remodeling project, make sure you pick colors that match the rest of the house.

Using wood instead of hard marble and brick makes your kitchen feel warm and welcoming. Also, letting in a lot of natural sunlight through big windows creates a comfortable and natural environment. 

Choosing the right kind of kitchen tiles also has a significant effect on the look and feel of the kitchen. Having a good contrast between the color of the tiles and countertops can make a big difference!

3. Tech-friendly Kitchens

Smarthomes are all the rage these days. 

That’s why if you’re remodeling your kitchen, one thing you must consider is how you’re going to “techify” your kitchen.

Smart home appliances are getting better every day, and gadgets such as smart refrigerators, automatic coffee machines, and AI dishwashers are essentials if you want an innovative home experience.

More and more devices have internet connections, allowing them to have decision-making capacities. For example, Samsung's smart fridge even lets you know what items you're running low on and buys them for you if you want. 

You can even watch YouTube videos and listen to your favorite podcasts while cooking food with devices like these!

Smart devices help your kitchen run smoothly by letting you automate tasks like cleaning. You can do that with the help of smart dishwashers and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Getting a virtual assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa will also improve your smart home experience. They can help you create lists, reminders, and much more.

Adding charging stations for your devices is great for playing music or looking at recipes to make in the kitchen.

If these features seem a bit unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. We can help you out every step of the way when it comes to remodeling your kitchen.

4. Nature-Themed Kitchens

This next idea will spruce up your kitchen and save you money. 

Adding green plants in other house areas is not uncommon anymore, but you’ll see a definite improvement if you add some plants in your kitchen. 

Green house plants are a relatively cheap decoration that gives the kitchen some lively color, cleans up the air, and removes any dullness around the place. 

If you feel like bringing a bit of the great outdoors inside, installing a dedicated shelf for your plants is a great way to start. 

Another thing that’s trending now is big windows that let through a lot of sunshine. 

Natural light appeals to the eye more than artificial white light and is much healthier for you. In addition, these pastels accentuate the warmth of the sunlight. 

Letting that sunshine in will also help grow the plants you just got!

We can help you find the perfect balance between the outdoors and the indoors with our free consultation and guide you through everything you need for your dream kitchen!

In Conclusion 

If you’re looking for ideas on remodeling your kitchen, we’ve given you a sneak peek at just some of the things that we have to offer here at Beaver Building & Remodeling. 

Many ideas can work for your kitchen infrastructure. These include using the right color tones, future-proofing your home with tech, and letting in the natural light.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming to you, don't worry. 

We’ll help you remodel your kitchen from start to finish.

We always have your best interest at heart and know how valuable your time and resources are. That’s why choosing us to be your remodeling contractors will save you time and hard-earned money.

Browse our website right now and get a quote on your next dream kitchen! 

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