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October 27, 2021


1. A good plumber is the key. Find the best one. Don’t try tackling it yourself unless you are 100% confident in your capabilities. Bathrooms are not as expensive to remodel as kitchens, but can certainly do a lot of damage if not done properly.

2. Use High-Quality Grout. Especially with darker colors. More than likely you will only need 1 25 lb bag of that stuff. (Cheap Grout - $14.00 will definitely dry blotchier than a more expensive kind for $50.00)

3. Drywall SHOULD NOT be used in wet locations. (It is usually Green or Purple). There is a product called tile backer board that is specifically designed for tile to be glued on. It is much harder and water-resistant. (Usually comes in White or Grey).

4. Don’t cheap out on shower faucets. The price difference is about $200.00. The cost to replace one if it fails could be into thousands of dollars. A better quality faucet can be completely repaired without removing any wall material.

5. The two most common types of tile are Porcelain & Ceramic. One goes on the floor and the other goes on the walls. Make sure to use SLIP-RESISTANT porcelain for your floor.

6. Proper Waterproofing. We like to use a product called Red Guard. You will definitely know if your bathroom remodeler is using it, It really is hard to miss.

7. Go over any specific tile patterns with the installer prior to the installation. Even if the tile is already on the walls, it is easier to remove it before the grout is applied.

8. (For construction savvy only) Don’t use the tile backer board on the floor. Cement wet bed, or uncoupling membrane only.

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