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It started with a fish bite 9 years ago. First, they had to amputate his toe. MRSA and they had to take his right leg off below the knee. Piece by piece they were taking his left foot off till there was only half of it left. A car accident, an intermittent vision loss and he will never be able to drive again. 2 heart attacks. Kidney disease. It should stop at some point, shouldn’t it???

Let us introduce Bill Emsley, the luckiest man we have ever met.

He lives on Evans St here in Warminster, PA. Bill is married to a beautiful wife Kelly and has 3 wonderful children Bryce, 22, Blake, 16 (who is autistic) and Brynn, 14.

You might know the guy from being your neighbor or friend. You might have gone to school with him or even be a parent of a child who attended the William Tennent Football Booster Club where Bill used to be a president.

What you don’t know is that Bill’s life is not like yours or mine.

It takes him 30 minutes to go up and down the steps to use the only bathroom in the house. So, he stopped drinking water unless it is absolutely necessary.

He doesn’t go grocery shopping as much anymore because being in a wheelchair is unacceptable for him.

Taking a shower is a gamble. The space is not handicap accessible, so he tends to fall. Having a small cut or injury usually ends up in a hospital stay. His body does not heal like yours or mine.

Having a small powder room on the first floor is his biggest dream.

Sometimes we come across a person and think “It doesn’t seem RIGHT and we HAVE TO do something to help…”

Depriving yourself of water doesn’t seem RIGHT. And that’s what Bill does to avoid going upstairs to use his single bathroom.

Falling, while going in and out of the shower doesn’t seem RIGHT. So we need to convert his existing bathroom into something more handicap accessible.

P.S. If anyone were to ask us what our plans for the future looked like. We would probably pause and give it a couple of minutes. Bill Emsley answered with no hesitation “Adopt and raise 2 more kids”.
So what makes him lucky? HE SURVIVED …WHEN HE SHOULDN’T HAVE…

We convinced our supply houses (Avalon Flooring & Grove Supply) to donate the materials. All our subcontractors volunteered to work for free. Our Facebook Fundraiser collected the funds necessary to make it all possible.

As of today, our company has fulfilled Bill’s dream and provided him with a toilet on the first floor & a beautiful bathroom on the second.