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Did you know that an insect infestation (either ants or termites) could be a sign of poorly installed siding?
When rain finds its way under your siding it becomes very hard for wood to get dry and that in turn develops into a perfect water supply for insects.
How do you know that there is no leak in your house right now? It could take years for you to notice any damage but when you do, it’s too late. We did encounter windows falling out because the nails holding it, were completely rusted away.
How can a homeowner ensure that his or her siding is going to be installed correctly?
1. What kind of warranty do you provide?
2. Are you going to be installing a new siding over the old one?
3. Are you using any house wrap protection?
4. Will you do your aluminum flashing (capping) before or after the siding goes up?
Here are the answers that should put your mind at ease:
1. There is no reason not to warranty one’s workmanship when things are installed correctly the first time. That is exactly what we warrant. We provide a LIFETIME Warranty on ALL our workmanship. If there is a big storm and a piece of your siding gets ripped out, it will be an apparent & easy fix. But if there is a leak each time it rains and you can not see it, at first sight, there is definitely a problem. The damage could be worth thousands of dollars in the end.
2. Old siding ALWAYS needs to be removed, otherwise, it can not be waterproofed properly.
3. The most common house wrap is TYVEK. We are sure you have seen it before but any wrap is better than none.
4. The correct answer is BEFORE. Flashing needs to be bent away & taped onto the wall with siding covering it.
Guys, you don’t need to hire us but, please, ask us questions. We are always here for you!
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