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We often get asked: “What is the BEST WINDOW MANUFACTURER out there?”.
There are many companies you might be familiar with: Jeld-Wen, Taco Windows, Hy-Lite, Clearly Secure, Okna, Precision, Starmark, Pella and many more…
So, we would like to share our personal choice of the manufacturers we trust most, based on the quality of the product and the warranty they provide.
  • Viwinco-for Vinyl Window Replacement
  • Andersen-for New Construction
  • Trimline-for Wooden Window Replacement
Andersen is a great company to use for newly built houses, additions or if you have an existing opening that is size appropriate with the manufacturer’s stock selections. It is a far less expensive choice than Pella or Marvin. Recently, Andersen has added custom sizing as an option. However, going with this alternative will increase the cost of the product by approximately 25%. You could always change the size of your existing opening however that would add a significant amount to the final cost.
Trimline is a local company that specializes in custom-made wooden replacement windows. They are all manufactured to fit the exact dimensions needed. The exterior wood has aluminum cladding (the aluminum is glued on to the wood to prevent rotting), which provides a maintenance free exterior, and the interior can be either painted or stained to match your desired decor.
Finally, our most popular selection, Viwinco!!! It is another great local company that makes vinyl windows. In fact, 80% of the windows we put in are Viwinco windows. They produce fantastic quality while making the smallest impact on one’s pocket. All of their windows are custom-made and the company provides a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their vinyl and mechanisms and a 25-year warranty on the glass (hard to beat, isn’t it?). In addition, they exceed all industry minimum requirements for energy efficiency. The big advantage to this window is that it is, for the most part, maintenance free.
Both wood and vinyl windows, when properly installed, will perform the same as far as energy efficiency and operation.
There is another alternative to explore, Composite Windows. Unfortunately, we do not have a company in mind since we have yet to install one of those. Composite is a vinyl-like material that can be designed to look like wood.
How about Renewal by Andersen? Don’t they make replacement windows?
Most certainly.
They are an entity of their own. Not only do they make windows, they also install them. We, as contractors, would need to sign up a franchise contract to be able to install one of those.
They are a good organization and provide a great product. They also offer financing which could be hugely advantageous to a homeowner.
The main drawback with Renewal by Andersen is that the cost of the windows is significantly higher than all of the options listed above. We were awarded a contract once, and the homeowner shared with us that we had beaten their price by over $20,000. (Trimline Windows were used in this case)
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