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Wood deck vs. Composite deck.
Which is your choice? 
Who wouldn’t enjoy sharing the most memorable moments of their lives with friends and family while being outdoors? For some of us, decks and porches are a luxury, and for some, they are a must. 
Either way, if you have been contemplating this kind of an investment, you might have considered these two options: wood and composite.
In recent years, Trex material achieved such a finesse it is almost indistinguishable from wood.
So, where is the catch? Why wouldn’t all homeowners choose to install maintenance free composite decks?
The answer is quite simple-the price!
For example, we recently built a 20X16’ deck in Willow Grove, that would have cost the homeowner $16,750 had she chosen to use wood. She decided to go with the Trex composite decking and railings that added an additional $4,370.00, or 26% to the cost.
That is a lot of money.
Why would she do that? 
A deck is a long-term investment and should last at least 30 years. Had the homeowner chosen wood the expenses over the 30 year period would include power washing each year ($200) and refinishing the deck every 2-3 years, as the weather takes its toll. Each refinish costs upwards of $1,000. The homeowner’s initial additional investment will pay for itself in approximately 12 years.
A wood deck will still make sense if:
A) Trex material is not currently in your budget
A) You plan on doing maintenance yourself 
B) You plan on moving in the near future.
We hope this helps. ☺️
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